Virtual Art Sessions

Google Chrome Experiment presents volumetric video captures of artists using the VR painting app Tiltbrush, which can be viewed in-browser:

Virtual Art Sessions is an experiment in virtual reality painting with Tilt Brush.
The project partnered with six world-renowned artists bringing them a
new way to paint, draw and sculpt. We recorded their sessions and made
it accessible online, letting you observe the artists as they develop
their virtual reality creations from any angle.

The project
renders high volumes of data right in the browser. This includes point
cloud data of the artist’s physical form, 3D geometry data of the
artwork, and position data of the VR controllers. Using open source web
technologies, we transformed that data into something that can be
experienced by anyone using the web. No apps or plug-ins needed.

Art Sessions is open source. It’s a bit of a mess, so proceed at your
own risk, but if you poke around enough, you’ll see how we created the
entire project.

Very impressive project – try it out for yourself and find out more here

HYPERCUBE from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

The Hypercube is a concentric cubic sculpture illuminated with a 120 metre addressable LED array. These light pixels allow for the investigation of a range of intricate choreographies that can be obtained through its minimalistic form.

The pixels positioned throughout the sculpture are capable of indicating their virtual coordinates and therefor programmed to illuminate as they are intersected by a variety of transient virtual volumes. This capacity to reveal shape as light is automated and recorded into individual scenes which are then sampled, duplicated, resized and syncopated along a rhythmic timeline and combined with the illumination of individual elements of the structure and the inclusion of particle animation.

Sound designs are employed to deliberately cultivate a deeper audiovisual synesthetic connection. By continually cross referencing the sound and vision, audiovisual sync is gradually tightened and unified. Ambient light that is captured by the surrounding walls of the room further intensifies these audiovisual choreographies, culminating in the creation of a dynamic immersive environment.

Although the work straddles a temporal structure, is also departs from a single point of reference and positions itself outside conceptual framework and into the realms of arbitrariness and abstract expressionism. It’s frenetic technical pace evokes cognitive suspension while, conversely, its moments of serenity provide a paradox of contemplative reflection.

The aim of this piece is to provide consideration into the depth and breadth of spatio-temporal relationships and how much of this information can be identified and absorbed through crossmodal sensory perception.

ENIGMATICA MARS from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space.

A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences.

Within this constructed inter-dimensionality and through the development of abstract visual and sonic sequences I aim to create an illusory enigmatic environment whilst demonstrating the potential for new forms of digital sculpture.

Presented at Mars Gallery, Melbourne
Continued with ENIGMATICA NOVA

Liquid series / Melancolía – Excerpts from rotor on Vimeo.


Inspirado en el poliedro truncado que se encuentra enigmáticamente en el grabado “Melancolía I”, del pintor renacentista alemán Alberto Durero ( ), Liquid Series / Melancolía usa está forma para desmaterializarla de manera abstracta y crear una narrativa visual que recrea los diferentes estados de la materia.

1º Premio en la categoría Micromapping y premio del público dentro del Festival internacional de Mapping de Girona / FIMG ( ).

Concepto y producción / Román Torre.
Visuales / Paco Gramaje y Gonzalo Matín
Sonido / Felipe L Navarro
Asistente de producción / Cristina Tevar


Inspired by the truncated polyhedron that is enigmatically in the engraving “Melancholia I”, of the german renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer ( Liquid Series / Melancholy use this form to do a abstract dematerializing and create a visual narrative that recreates the different states of matter.

1st Prize in the Micromapping category and Audience Award in the second International Festival of Mapping in Girona / FIMG ( )

Concept & production / Román Torre.
Motion Graphics / Paco Gramaje y Gonzalo Matín
Sound / Felipe L Navarro
Production Assistant / Cristina Tevar

2016 Zone Introduction Video from IHT Spirit System on Vimeo.

The adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit makes it easy for teachers to track student performance, provide personalized learning opportunities, and measure the effectiveness of K-12 PE programs. From managing an entire class to inspiring one-on-one conversations, the Spirit System empowers and connects teachers, students and parents while maximizing results.

RUN and RUN / lyrical school 【MV for Smartphone】 from RUNandRUN_lyrisch on Vimeo.



●lyrical school初主演映画「リリカルスクールの未知との遭遇」の主題歌でもあり待望のメジャー・デビュー・シングル「RUN and RUN」!映画は 5/28(土)よりシネマート新宿、6/18(土)よりシネマート心斎橋、6/25(土)より名古屋シネマスコーレにて劇場公開!

【リリカルスクールの未知との遭遇 公式サイトオープン】

【RUN and RUNスペシャルサイトオープン!!】

【Music Video Youtube Link】

2016.4.27. On Sale lyrical school/ RUN and RUN

KICM-91669|¥1,500+税 KING RECORDS ※メンバートレーディングカード封入
① RUN and RUN
② リリスクのうた
③ brand new day 2016
④ S.T.A.G.E 2016
⑥ リリスクのうた(INST)

●通 常 盤
KICM-1670 |¥1,000+税 KING RECORDS
① RUN and RUN
② リリスクのうた

【-RUN and RUN- lyrical school oneman live 2016】
日時:4月28日(木) 開場:18:45 開演:19:15 会場:CLUB CITTA’


【lyrical school officila HP】